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Next UP!  December 11-14 2009 Build III @ UCSD/Atkinson Hall & Long Beach BGC


About the name

The name "New Blankets" was inspired by contrast to the unfortunate historic misuse of technology (biological warfare) — and the loss of the true spirit of gift giving — represented by "smallpox blankets" in the European settlement of North America. The New Blankets group wishes to promote technology inspired by benevolent purpose and freely given to strengthen all participants. The name is meant to be an ironic, anti-hype reminder that technology, in itself, does not improve the human condition. We have also made use of blankets designed by Indian students for the American Indian College Fund as part of our activities and we especially emphasize that our activities should benefit under-represented and "outsider" participants.






smallpox blankets in 1763

- artist's message

A Bit of History (Project TLC Internet Kiosks circa 1993)


Project TLC was a community-museums initiative based on the (then exotic) technology of the internet and partnering a number of Boys and Girls Clubs in the San Diego area.  Project TLC was launched through the support of Chancellor Richard Atkinson and the Chancellor's Associates of UCSD, the Boys and Girls Clubs, and a number of generous community groups and businesses. Many of the ideas and experiences from Project TLC, as well as some of the key founding advisors, have now become part of New Blankets.

                                                                                                      Food for Thought                

Turn Off iPod.jpg

This picture comes from the front door of the library of one of Philadelphia's premier magnet schools. It is the slide you don't see in an interesting video on education from Ignite! Philly.

Food for thought, chewed slightly: That which is ubiquitous and necessary can no longer be invisible. It is a commons to be actively observed and cared for by communities.  Whether it's oxygen in L.A. or conversation-space in the library, the commons needs careful, caring observation.


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Thanks for starting the wiki!
Posted 14:55, 11 Sep 2008
I've been doing a little experimenting with mixing/editing video from the PSP. Using Windows Movie Maker, I've successfully inserted Power Point slides indo a video from the PSP. Initially, the audio and video were out of synch coming out of the slide and back to the video. Turns out it was because of the timing sequence of the cross-fade. I was able to adjust for it and get a seamless edit. if you'd like to know more, you can email me at, or look for me on Skype as jdeken04.
Posted 17:10, 20 Sep 2008
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